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     In 1905, Henry Alfred Framburg started H. A. Framburg and Company in Chicago, Illinois. Framburg is still producing the highest quality commercial grade and residential lighting fixtures over a hundred years later. And each Framburg lighting fixture is designed and handcrafted in the United States of America.


     From formal to casual, gothic to contemporary, and rustic to refined, Framburg handcrafts one of the broadest product lines. Each Framburg fixture is the beneficiary of refinements in metal forming, finishing, design, and engineering techniques that have been refined through the generations. Not long ago designs were rendered painstakingly by hand, today, Framburg designs are modelled on a computer and are the distillation of countless iterations that allow us to achieve superior form, proportion and scale


     Framburg is one of the most integrated manufacturers in the lighting industry and one of the few companies still manufacturing the product in the United States. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce fixtures of superior quality, thematic consistency, and design integrity. Our current product line is a manifestation of our continuing evolution and the ongoing conversation we are having with our customers and the design community.

Framburg 1623
Framburg 1069
Framburg 1078
Framburg 1221
Framburg 2997
Framburg 4802
Framburg 5075
Framburg 4409
Framburg 4435
Framburg 5430
Framburg 4779
Framburg 5358
Framburg 5458
Framburg 4658
Framburg 5338
Framburg 4895
Framburg 3056
Framburg 5388
Framburg 4708
Framburg 3085
Framburg 5418
Framburg 4715
Framburg 4735
Framburg 4816
Framburg 5288
Framburg 5055
Framburg 3055
Framburg 5042
Framburg 5065
Framburg 5445
Framburg 1196
Framburg 5427
Framburg 5512
Framburg 5486
Framburg 5490

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