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     House of Troy was founded in 1947 by Everett Bailey in Montreal, Canada. Mr. Bailey, operated a small custom lamp manufacturing company selling to gift and department stores in the Montreal area. His son, Norm, took over the business in 1960, and began specializing in picture lights. He moved the business to Troy, Vermont in 1962. Hence the name House of Troy.


     The hand-craftsmanship involved in building House of Troy picture lights and lamps has changed little over the past seventy years. Each light is hand rolled, soldered, buffed and assembled by our employees in Vermont. Each employee checks the quality to insure that only the finest lights are shipped to our valued customers throughout the world.


     Our products are designed in Vermont to assure lasting performance. While the majority of our products are manufactured in Vermont, we also source parts and products worldwide in order to provide our customers with the best possible value.


     In 1986 the manufacturing operation was moved to our present location in Hyde Park, Vermont where we continue to produce fine task lighting. Over the years House of Troy has developed solid state LED options for every category of task lamp we sell. They have committed to continuing their tradition of manufacturing and quality so they may offer the finest styles and designs to compliment you home or personal space for years to come.

House Of Troy WL602-PB
House Of Troy GS300-CG
House Of Troy TR250-SN
House Of Troy AB100-OB
House Of Troy AB100-SN
House Of Troy B550-BPN
House Of Troy F100-AB
House Of Troy L800-SN
House Of Troy GS190-BG
House Of Troy CR700-SN
House Of Troy WS776-PN
House Of Troy G200-GT
House Of Troy FR701-PS
House Of Troy G400-BS
House Of Troy DSLEDZ14-91
House Of Troy G500-BLK

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